Designer shower screens - Imperium Glass

Imperium  will have a showerscreen solution to suit any bathroom design. With over twenty years experience in showerscreen design, manufacturing and installation, you can trust that our expert team will provide the best showerscreen solution for your bathroom.

Choose from frameless, semi-frameless or framed showerscreens, Imperium use only the highest grade materials to manufacture your custom showerscreen, with toughened glass a standard for all our showerscreens. Add Nanoclean technology to your glass finish to make cleaning your showerscreen quick and easy.



Frameless showerscreens offer a luxurious touch to any bathroom. They offer a minimalist look and will complement any bathroom design and style.

Imperium’s range of frameless showerscreens Brisbane are tough and sturdy, yet stylish and functional. With seamless glass joins and optional nanoclean finish, cleaning and maintaining your shower will be a breeze.

Frameless showerscreen are available in 8mm, 10mm and 12mm, with hardware finishes available in polished silver or matt silver.


A semi-framed showerscreen will add class and sophistication to any bathroom. Our semi-frameless showerscreens offers a slim perimeter and frameless pivot or sliding door providing a contemporary minimalistic look.

Structurally strong, the perimeter frame allows for no hidden corners making your screen easier to clean.

Our range of semi-frameless showerscreens offers superior versatility and can be customised to fit virtually any space and design. A cost-effective yet visually stunning finish, a semi-freamless showerscreen is a fanatstic choice for any new or renovated bathroom.


Imperium’s range of framed showerscreens offer a clearly defined shower recess. Functional and reliable, our framed showerscreens have rounded corners and contoured profiles to make cleaning easier.

With a number of frame colours and glass types available, our framed showerscreens will fit most existing bathrooms and can be customised to for new bathrooms.

We make showerscreen installations a breeze, so look no further than Imperium for your next showerscreen.

Nanoclean technology

We offer nanoclean technology finishes on all our showerscreens as an optional extra to make cleaning your shower even easier.

Nanoclean uses sub-microscopic particles to bond with your glass and providing a protective invisible barrier. This barrier discourages dirt and grime build up, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals and hard scrubbing. Nanoclean repels oil and water based substances and eliminates mould and fungus.

With Nanoclean you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy!