Custom mirrors Brisbane - Imperium glass

Imperium proudly manufacture a range of framed and frameless custom made mirrors for bathroom, kitchen or decorative use. Our frameless mirrors are available in bevelled edge or polished edge and look beautiful in bathrooms.

Mirrors can make any space look larger, so are a great accessory for any room. All our custom made mirrors are cut to measure and are available for new installations or renovations.


Framed Mirrors

Framed mirrors are a family friendly choice for bathroom, bedroom or decorative use. With a 20mm frame, they are durable and able to better withstand the hustle and bustle of life.

Our framed mirrors are custom made and cut to size so they can fit any space and function. Frames come in a wide range of colours, so you will be sure to find a colour to suit your style.

Frameless Mirrors

Frameless mirrors are a popular choice for residential and commercial use. Available in 4mm and 6mm thickness, with polished edges, they offer a sleek aesthetic look.

Popular for bathroom room mirrors, frameless mirrors have the luxury of making any space look bigger. Not just for functional uses in bathrooms and bedrooms, frameless mirrors can also be used for decoration around homes and commercial spaces.

Microframed Mirrors

Micorframed mirrors offer a premium look to any space. With a thin 3mm perimeter and frameless aluminum look, mircoframed mirrors are a particularly great option to inset into tiles.

The microframe offers durability however still maintains a frameless look. The microframe is available in a wide variety of colours, making it a versatile choice to suit any interior style.

Bevelled Mirrors

Bevelled mirrors are cut at a specific angle to give a framed-edge look. Available in 20mm and 6mm bevelled edge, these mirrors are a classic look that will suit any space.

Bevelled mirrors are family-friendly as the edges are polished and grinded to remove small imperfections and eliminate sharp edges. Popular in hampton style homes, a bevelled mirror is a great all round mirror for any space.