Framed, frameless, or semi-frameless, custom made or cut to size, Imperium Wardrobes and Showerscreens will listen as you describe what you want in a mirror and then reflect back with a range of options. Our expertise in designing and installing mirrors is unparalleled in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Residential and commercial clients come to us because we can deliver mirrors to meet the most exacting of specifications.

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  • Frameless
  • Semi-frameless
  • Storage

Creativity reflecting your needs

Listening is one of the skills we are most proud of at Imperium Wardrobes and Showerscreens in Brisbane. We love hearing about what you want to achieve with your build or renovation. Designing, cutting, and installing custom mirrors to open up spaces or accentuate design features is one part of the job that gives us the most satisfaction.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, door, ceiling or wardrobe

Once upon a time mirrors were mounted on a wall in a frame. They sometimes still are. Contemporary design often demands more, and modern materials and manufacturing techniques have opened up the possibilities. Mirrors can be integrated into your furniture and storage solutions and even recessed into the building design if you have the right advice and expertise.

When a mirror becomes a ‘piece’

Some of us need just one mirror in the house while others want a mirror for every room or every angle. Whether your need to check your look, open up space, or accentuate a design feature, everyone appreciates a mirror with a signature design. Our expert consultants would love to hear your ideas for a unique mirror and will make it happen.

Our mirrors are made from the finest materials available in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The opportunity to design custom mirrors is what gets our consultants out of bed in the morning. Share your thoughts with us and we will help you make your mirror image a reality.